Thursday, January 22, 2009

And I'm leaving on a Jet Plane...

...Yet AGAIN!!!

It always seems like I am leaving on a jet plane these days. Hopefully that will stop soon... and at the same time hopefully it will never stop.

So, after sneaking into the NWA VIP lounge and ordering 3 Bloody Mary's I have begun to leech WiFi in a quick attempt to write some random, sleep-deprived words before boarding the plane.

This trip is a business trip and a family trip. I'm heading over to do a number of things such as colored stone grading classes, Chinese New Year with the family units, eating dinner with friends and looking to make contacts with Gem dealers.

In terms of my tiny tiny business of being an "Official" artist life has been good. Everytime I complete an order I get another person walking into my life who is interested in me making something for them... It keeps me busy, but not too busy so I am never super burnt out with custom orders and yet still have time to make my own work in series and passion to help people manifest things they are interested in.

The past couple weeks have been super busy what with preparing for Thailand, applying to last min call for artists as well as trying to get all my promo material in order for the fall ArtsWalk in the spring that I will be showing in...

...that is just the tip of the iceberg in my life.... will go into more detail once I have more sleep, and less bloody marys ... hehe *hic-up*

More pictures of recent work to come as well!!!!

Stay tuned!

-Mellington Cartwright III