Friday, April 23, 2010

Unemployment: I guess it's Nothing Personal It's just... Business? (really?)

March 2010, a week after my birthday i was laid off from my job at Green Lake for reasons unknown. I was sad and perplexed, and still do not know why they let me go. In the end they told me the company wasn't growing fast enough, and that I wasn't a good fit for the time being. So I left with sadness, only to find out that they had told the department of unemployment they had fired me for general mistakes. hmm... this is really funny since I have a gmail from Jim the owner stating that "Yes, laid off is a fair term." I guess business owners who have a good strong business try and cut corners like under-paying staff (many have taken a pay cut to work there I heard) and my attempting to get out of pay unemployment.

I guess it's nothing personal, it's just business? They never told me I was fired, never had me sign anything, still haven't paid me my last pay check... hmmm... not to be unprofessional, but so I smell a lying rat or a business owner? It's ok I sent all my email and proof of documentation that I was in fact Laid off to the dept of unemployment and I am battling it right now. To end this hurtful rant, I just want to say that if you want a high quality one of a kind piece of platinum or gold jewelry I cannot argue that their work and there products are amazing and there artists are fabulous. I would tell you to go to them.

Also though, if you would love to support a company that has underpaid artists working for them, no training procedure, and an owner that likes to not fully disclose reasons of discharge and tries to make it difficult for workers to get unemployment I highly recommend Green Lake Jewelry works for all these reasons as well. I would especially recommend working for them if you like working for someone who promises a 90 day review and training programs during your job offer that are actually Non-existent. (Can we spell bait and switch?) I know my rant is far from professional, but I guess they weren't either.... nothing personal, just business...

So now I am hoping for unemployment, and in the midst of feeling jaded about getting re-employed in this industry for at least a while, I have decided to take a look at my own dusty bench and try and make my own business happen again. I have begun to work a min. or 30 hrs a week on my own production line and another 20 hrs. a week on marketing, social media and craft fair research... wish me luck! With this economy I will kinda need it!

When one door closes a couple windows open... or something...


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