Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Business ART of Internal Conflicts

See the problem with me being an artist is that I find it a bit difficult to produce a simple design that could be considered for a large scale production line. It’s not that it’s difficult for me to actually think of something like this, nor the energy it takes too make, but rather me actually wanting to use brain power to make something simple since most of the art I am passionate about simply is anything BUT simple, and in fact is not only, most unusually visually complex, but also chocked full of goodies such as subtle narrative and frequent jokes of surprises.

I need to just sit down one day and shove my brain into “simple” “sleek” “chic” drive, which is doable I guess, and figure out some items that may be lower price points that will be appealing to galleries… find a way to connect with people from all ends.

I think another aspect that is hard for me in doing this is that since I love to make interactive work that brings people together- intentionally or unintentionally- it’s hard to make wearable pieces sometimes that are just waiting to be sold for the base of adornment.

I don’t know if any of this makes sense at all, but I guess it’s something that is always difficult for artist to make sense of since it’s so hard to sometimes place monetary value on things that are sometimes tangible and sometimes not tangible.

…hopefully all the business classes I’ve been taking will help. I mean they already are since recently I’ve only been eating sleeping and breathing business marketing and management terminology…hopefully after my last finals all of this can be over for a while and I can fill everyone in with a decent creative journal entry. I have tons to blog about in terms of the going-ons of the inside of my brain that I can’t wait to share with you all, it’s just a bit tough to not be dreaming about the difference between price floors, ceilings, just-in-time systems and intensive distributions….. ACK!!!!!

Did I mention that most days I hate thinking like this!?! Can’t I just make romantic and totally intangible travel art all the time instead?!?!

…I think I’m going to take a nap.


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