Monday, December 8, 2008

Update #2:

I feel kinda silly as of recent since I actually am just posting yet have not released this site to anyone yet. I've been rather busy this week due to my full-time business classes and finals, and other art show deadlines. I've also been involved with a top secret hush-hush traveling art project that I will be posting about later on this season that you all WILL SIMPLY LOVE! I guarantee!!! (anywho who doesn't love it will get a consolidation prize... i promise!)

So between studying for finals and freaking out about deadlines I've had time to finally do a couple things:

1) Updated my blog bio as well as my main website:

2) Create an electronic storefront:

3) I'm currently in the process of working with my web designer Madelyn Medieros to update images, give my pages a face lift, and finally connect my whole network from blog to main site to electronic storefront which should be coming later this month.

Now some of you are probably wondering, "wow! wait... I though Mel was in Thailand living in the rural countryside, learning Thai, hitchhiking Korea, etc... and now she's settled down?!?!"

yes. Long story short for those of you not on my mass mailing list:

-I came home, went to Burning Man, had a great time and decided to enroll into full-time business classes and live at home for 3 months to spend time with the Mom unit then hopefully get back to Asia.

-10 days after Burning Man I landed a dream job as a laser welder technician and bench jeweler at a custom jewelry store in downtown Olympia, WA called PRECIOUS METALSMITHS.
LOved Loved LOVED my job until a tons of weird shit went down that resulted in contractors throwing a box of my art work away on site after a show I had, management mis-communications, no one wanting to accept fiscal responsiblity then the store owners attempting to retalitory fire me when I asked for reimbursal of my damaged property I decided to leave the situation loosing more money from the loss of my art than I made. (Disclaimer: Now I'm not saying don't shop there, since they do great custom work and am happy to promote their custom quality. I think we just didn't agree on certain management and employee matters. )

-Between researching my own artist right and studying proper management methods I realized that I kept getting orders for work from friends and other clients as well as classmates. That is when I figured it was silly that I didn't just put my balls to the wall and try and be an artist. So I officially registered myself as a business on Nov. 17th, and now am officially Mellington Cartwright Studios!!! Horray! I also have a sub-trade name called "Crunchy Balloon Designs" which will be the future home for more of my production line work which I still plan on keeping in only small editions.

-Since then I have been in full-time Management Marketing, and Business classes and making my own work.

So there you all have it. Is should be posting some items for sale on my current electronic storefront. So please do keep checking my Etsy account as well as my blog to follow along in my artistic endeavors!

Happy Holidays!


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