Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I have recently decided that I am not that much of a consumer (okay... except for shoes and cute top hats... and art supplies) BUT the one item I would not only buy regardless of the cost, but treasure probably more than life itself would be a fucking cloning machine!

People have always thought that I was so directed, even as a young teen--that I knew what I was doing in life since I had so many goals. Wrong and Right! See I'm always have so many goals and am always going 10 things at once, but it's not because I am on some direct narrow-hallway of a path (boring!) but rather I am trying to do enough in this lifetime to fill two lifetimes. However if cloning technology existed I would then be far less stressed out since I would be able to have 5 of me around!


1 would do chores and have fun with the domestic of life (cooking, cleaning, etc.)
2 would be an avid reader, absorbing nook knowledge like a sponge
3 would be an excellent world traveler physical risk taker and all around anthropology nerd! She would also spend her down time studying an array of foreign and dead languages
4 would be THE goldsmith/artist... the shit. From apprenticeships to long studio hours she would spend 98% of her life honing her skills at her craft.
5 would be off re-learning how the play the clarinet, juggling fire, doing aerial conditioning and being the giant exhibitionist social networker she is.
6 (ok I know I said 5) would be committed to dreaming. ....and then making sketches of all her dreams she saw behind her eyelids...

So what am I trying to say? YO! LOS ALAMOS LAB SCIENTISTS: GET TO WORK ON MY CLONING MACHINE DAMNIT! it would be the best selling item on the market! Think of all the endless time-saving possiblities!!! (think damnit think!)

...for now I guess I will just have to settle for trips with Shannon to the Vacuum Cleaner Museum....


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