Friday, December 19, 2008

Snow storms, new work, and general ramblings...


it is snowing... and I am stuck inside. I guess I should thank the snow since it's canceling all my plans for me that I have endless amounts of time to prevent cabin fever by making art!

The past couple of weeks have been super crazy busy for me (when is my life idle?) and I thought I would post some visual results of the past couple weeks:

Below is a new piece I made called "In God We Trust?" I have been wanting to do a series of chatelaines for quite sometime now, and figured that I could use this as a jumping off point. This one, although conceptual, and kitschy helped get my juices flowing...

I would like to thank the Affliction of our Economic times for lending itself to me.

Also, I have been motivating myself to do some proactive marketing and commission work via my electronic storefront on my ETSY site.

This week I completed this custom made design for one of my first online orders! horray!!This order was also helpful since it made me run around and make some necessary purchases... and now I finally have my own soldering set-up, which I am very proud about! yay! The Studio is growing!

The website is also growing... thanks to my awesome new webmaster Madelyn Medieros out in Boston. (Thanks for all your help and rapid updates Maddy!) Maddy has been currently working for God and updating his website at a local Boston church, however she has been wanting to strike it out on her own and do some web design freelance work, so if anyone out there is looking for web design help at reasonably prices shoot me an email because this chick rocks! (sorry for the shameless plug! had to!)

Tomorrow is a day of being stuck in the house, and beginning work on a series of paintings and 3-D wall reliefs made out of cardboard! It's weird... for some reason everything I think about recently has to do with cardboard fabrication. I am always knows for my roads and buildings which you usually only see the outer edifice of.... now I think I am interested in finding out what is on the many inside walls of the structures I make...

...more on this soon! For now though.... some hat pin dioramas!

Happy Holidays everyone!

-Mellington Cartwright III

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